I've had a tree fall on my property - what should I do?

  • First of all, make sure that you and your family are safe

  • If the log is in good condition you'll be able to use it for furniture or outside in the garden

  • For advice on what you can use the logs for call us on 0488 032 862 or email julia@rescuelogs.org

What can I do with the logs I have?

  • Mill them on your block

    • Purple Hat Woodworking do an amazing job cutting logs into slabs, or pieces for furniture. Tell Nick and Isaac we've referred you!

  • Use them in the garden

    • Rounds can be used as steps

    • Logs can be cut in half length ways to be used as garden edging

    • Smaller logs can be used around gardens or stacked when you crate a flat side to create raised veggie patches

    • Large stumps can be cut into with chainsaws (by an expert) to create seats or pot holders

    • Hollow logs are great for attracting animals that like to burrow and hide

  • Donate them to a local artist or Rescue Logs

How do I join the committee of Rescue Logs?

Email julia@rescuelogs.org to chat about joining. We're always looking for members and volunteers.