Our Story

Resilience in Action

A brief history

On June 9th 2021, a big storm hit the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria especially hard. Some 25,000 trees fell in the region, causing power outages, limited connectivity and road blockages, with many people losing their homes, including members of the Rescue Logs committee.

Rescue Logs was formed to salvage and reuse the trees that Mother Nature felled, creating projects that help in the healing process and build resilience. 

Three years on the projects remain relevant with more storms and trees continuing to fall. As we build our community Rescue Logs aims to be part of the education, and support that is available. 

If you require assistance with a fallen tree please reach out to us anytime. 

What have we achieved?

The Laughing Kookaburra was auctioned on 1st May at The Chestnut Festival raising much needed funding for the kinder.

The Magic Under The Chestnut Tree was commissioned in 2023 to raise funds for the Mt D Kinder. Tickets are currently available via julia@rescuelogs.org $20 each. Only 100 tickets will be sold. 

Credit to Artist - Sioux Dollman

Woodworking in progress.
Timber milled onsite.


View of Silvan Lake from Kalorama Park, VIC.