Our Projects

Healing in the Hills - Events

We are planning various events over the coming years to support families in their healing journey after the trauma of the storm. 

The first event we attended was the Storm Recovery Festival in Monbulk, where we launched the Children's Book - The Story of THE BIG STORM (available above). We had water paints for the kids and an art exhibition that showcased the beautiful artwork of the children of Mt Dandenong Primary School, in their response to the storm, and the story. 

We then supported the Chestnut Festival, organising for a local Chainsaw artist in Shlomit Moria to sculpt a Wombat on the day. It was a big hit and we raised $3,300 for the Mt Dandenong Pre School.

If you have ideas for events please contact us as we're always looking for new ideas on how we can support this journey we are all on. 

Milling your logs on your property

When you have a tree fall on your block, there are many options for what you can do with it. Perhaps one of the most satisfying things is to mill the logs on site.

This allows you to watch it dry, changing the colours, and sometimes shape of the timber. It also allows you to imagine what you can create with it.

What can milled timber be used for?

How do you mill on-site?

Contact Purple Hat Woodworking through their website and let them know we've sent you:


Julia's Onsite Mill (Not Julia Hall) is another option - https://julias-onsite-timber-milling.business.site/