Getting involved

After the Big Storm we had so many people wondering what they could do to save logs from being chipped and chopped for firewood. We also wondered where our logs were being taken as we watched them being driven off the mountain in big trucks.

The good news is, a lot of logs were used for rebuilding fences, replanting trees (stakes), and for mulch. The process happened in the Macedon Ranges where they had a Lucas mill and other equipment set up and ready to go.

For those of us that still want to be involved though - there's Rescue Logs!

We are able to take donations of logs, we can point you in the direction of a local mobile mill for your logs, and if you're a business wanting to get involved we want to know you.

Please see the form below to register your interest. We accept new members and volunteers and really need monetary support to move these giants around the hills to use in projects that will assist in the healing and resilience building across the hills.

We need artists, Trades people, businesses, and volunteers.